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ILEA Hong Kong offers corporate and individual memberships.
Individual members are granted full benefits internationally and locally.
Corporate membership entitles all Hong Kong based company employees local benefits.
Only the named member is granted international benefits.
ILEA Hong Kong membership entitlements include:
  • Listing of named member details in the International Live Events Association Directory on (

  • Listing of named members details and company bio on local chapter website: (

  • Named member access to the members section of the international website (, providing access to useful member resources, a careers centre and member forum, as well as a membership update facility

  • All members are entitled to post case studies on the Hong Kong ILEA chapter website (

  • All members are able to attend ILEA Hong Kong educational, conferences and social events at member rates

  • Named member is able to attend ILEA International events at member rates

  • All members are entitled to use the ILEA Member logo on marketing material (websites, business cards, email signatures etc.)

  • Named members may enter the ILEA Esprit Awards (global)

  • All members receive an electronic copy of "The Special Event Magazine" a global industry publication, distributed monthly

  • All members benefit from ILEA Hong Kong's impressive network of industry professionals, media contacts and partners to maximize the exposure of their own business and projects

  • All members receive a local newsletter to inform the ILEA network of upcoming events, recent events, special deals and promotions for members

  • All members may apply for CSEP (Certified Special Events Professional) accreditation

Individual Membership*

Any person who prefers a personally owned membership, rather than one which is owned by the company. Non-transferable.

   Company (Corporate) Membership*   
 fees are based on company size and as follows: 

1-5 employees HK$3225
6-29 employees HK$4200
30+ employees HK$5500


All company employees are eligible for ILEA Hong Kong benefits, however only named member is eligible for website listing and ILEA international benefits. **

Additional Named Member*



Additional named members from a company to be eligible for full local and international benefits.

Non Profit/Student Member*




Any person employed by a non-profit agency, tax exempt foundation, government, or philanthropic organization. Membership is owned by the organization and is transferable only by written notification to ILEA. OR Full Time Student.

ILEA memberships are valid for one year starting from July 1st to June 30th and are renewed annually.
* Plus a one off joining fee of $700.00 for new members
** Named member serves as the official representative of a company. Membership is company owned and is transferable only by written notification to ILEA.  Membership fee is based on company size.

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